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Research Education and Working Plan , Forest Department Assam

  • Research Education and Working Plan , Forest Department Assam

    Research Education and Working Plan wing of the Forest Department deals with various research activities relating to forest vegetation along with the factors affecting the forest vegetation., trainings and capacity building as well as preparation of working plans . The key mandate of the various divisions are as below:

    Silviculture Division

    i)          Standardization of Nursery technique.

    ii)         Study of change of Vegetation.

    iii)        Study of growth of Species in different forest types.

    iv)        Development of method of bamboo propagation.

    v)         Development of method of Orchid Propagation.

    vi)        Cultivation method of Medicinal Plants.

    Genetic Cell Division

    i)          Selection of candidate plus trees and plus trees.

    ii)         Management of Seed Stands / Seed production area.

    iii)        Development of seedlings, seed orchards and clonal orchards.

    iv)        Research on High tech Nursery and advanced techniques.


    There are two nos. of Forest School in Assam Forest Department.

    i)          Assam Forest School, Jalukbari.

    ii)         Assam Forest Guards’ School, Makum.

    Frontline staffs of the Forest Department are trained in the Schools. Two types of regular trainings are imparted in both the School.

    a)         6 months Induction training for newly appointed Front line Staffs.

    b)         3 months in service training for the old staffs.

    Capacity of both the Schools are100 nos. in AFS and 80 nos. in AFGS. Besides the above two trainings, Refresher Courses of short term are also organized in the school.

    Working Plan: There are three Working Plan Divisions in Assam.

    i)          Upper Assam Working Plan Division, Jorhat.

    ii)         Lower Assam, Working Plan Division, Jalukbari.

    iii)        Working Plan Division, Hills Diphu.

    Working Plan Division are responsible for preparing Working Plans for all Reserved Forests in Assam on the basis of field data. Field data collection is carried out by the working Plan Division. At Present Working Plans are under preparation and final approval for 21 Forest Divisions. It is proposed to also take up the working plans for Autonomous councils under the purview of REWP this year.

    Table 1: Activities completed by REWP during the year 20-21.















    Silviculturist, Basistha

    Creation of Preservation Plots with area of 5 Ha each with naturally rich    concentration of indigenous Orchid species for study & in-situ conservation  -Publication of research report (Location-Borduar RF, Jeypur RF, Garbhanga RF, Kholahat RF, Umjakini RF).

    Management of Plot for collection, ex-situ conservation, preservation & study on indigenous Araceae family in Assam at Basistha

    Rehabilitation of collected wild epiphytic orchids along with interpretative signage of all tree species at Basistha Silviculture Complex and Rani Range Complex

    Collection of data -33 sample plot, experimental plot and preservation plot for forest species.

    Procurement of booklet , Lab equipment for Silviculture Lab.

    Publication of leaflet on activities of Silviculture Division

    Publication of Booklet on Herbal Garden, Orchid and Bambusetum.

    Publication of book on nursery technique of some important trees of Assam

    Creation of 3 new preservation plot for study of RET species

    Creation of nursery, raising of 8000 seedlings of Saracaasoca.

    Capacity building of frontline staff for use of modern research equipment & technology viz, GPS, Abney’s level, Densiometer& basics of GIS (QGIS) etc.

    Training of frontline staff carried out with collaboration of Krishi Vigyan Kendra-Kahiuchi on grafting, layering & cutting.

    Development of Protocol on nursery techniques for bamboo, timber species, orchids & medicinal plants for their successful propagation.

    Consolidation of past data of research plots for gap analysis.




    Genetic Cell

    Drilling of bore well and installation of pipe system

    Purchases of 3 nos Drone for Quick response at surveillance

    Purchase of Anti Depredation Quick response vehicle

    Installation of Solar light 13 nos in the Silviculture Division

    Setting up Digital network in Orang Tiger Reserve Assam

    Training on Vermicompost for frontline staff

    Training on GPS handling for frontline staff



    Assam Forest School, Jalukbari

    3 month-in-service training for 34 forest frontline from 12/03/2020 to 02/06/2020


    15 days refresher course for 25 RFOs from20/01/20to 04/2/2020

    6 days refresher course for 17 Deputy Ranger/Forester-1 from 09/12/2020-14/12/2020

                       Assam Forest Guard School, Makum

    Training for frontline staff

          Govt. TT &

             S Plant, Makum

    Proposal submitted on Business Model regarding Revival Plan of TT&S Plant

              WPO, LAC

    Preparation of Working Plans 

              WPO, UAC

    Preparation of Working Plans

               DFO, FRS

    Preparation of Working Plans


    Assam Silviculture Documentary

    Research Education and Working Plan , Forest Department Assam
    WP for Karimganj Forest Division for the period 2023-24 to 2032-333.41 MBswf-image
    WP for Hailakandi Forest Division, Vol-I for the period 2023-24 to 2032-333.28 MBswf-image
    WP for Doomdooma Forest Divsion, Vol-I for the period 2023-24 to 2032-334.15 MBswf-image
    WP for Dibrugarh Forest Division, Vol-I for the period 2022-23 to 2031-326.95 MBswf-image
    WP for Digboi Forest Division, Vol-I for the period 2023-24 to 2032-335.7 MBswf-image
    WP for Kamrup East Division, Vol- I for the period 2023-24 to 2032-334.39 MBswf-image
    WP for Kamrup West Division, Vol- I for the period 2021-22 to 2030-315.66 MBswf-image
    report_training_1st_batch.pdf3.6 MBswf-image
    report_training_2nd_batch.pdf4.16 MBswf-image
    report_training_3rd_batch.pdf3.45 MBswf-image
    report_training_4th_batch.pdf3.96 MBswf-image
    Working Plan of Kamrup West Forest Division For 2020-21 to 2030-316.67 MBswf-image
    Working Plan of Dibrugarh Forest Division For 2021-22 to 2031-324.45 MBswf-image
    Hand Book (Vol-I)14.02 MBswf-image
    hand_book_vol-ii.pdf1.99 MBswf-image
    Research Report on In-Situ Study of Orchids carried out in 5 plots of different Forest Types in Assam4.16 MBswf-image
    Nursery Techniques of some Tree Species of Assam4.03 MBswf-image
    Technical Bulletin- Series1 -Tissue Culture based production Technology3.95 MBswf-image
    sonitpur_east_division_vol_i_signed.pdf.pdf2.9 MBswf-image
    agro_forestry_board_flyer.pdf1.16 MBswf-image
    agroforestry_workshop_report24june.pdf1.15 MBswf-image
    about_silviculture_division.pdf3.45 MBswf-image
    medicinal_plants_herbal_garden_basistha.pdf3.17 MBswf-image
    Photo e book on Refresher Training Course for 40 foresters6.13 MBswf-image